High dusting and cleaning projects often exceed the capabilities of a typical janitorial services, Hi-Vac has the skills and necessary equipment to reach those hard to get to places. 

Using our advanced high reach vacuuming system, we are able to clean and vacuum high reach areas including beams, lights, ducting, conduit, walls and more, all safely from the ground up. 


Hi-Vac is hiring day time gutter cleaning crews and a night shift crew working high ceiling cleaning. Please fill out and submit the  "Contact Us" form. 

  • FOD!! Foreign Object Debris: is any object, particle, substance, debris or agent that is not where it is supposed to be, which means dust or debris falling from the ceiling into your product below can cause unforeseen damage until it is too late. 
  • OSHA and the NFPA can give facilities fines for having unsafe levels of dust on ceilings and/or rafters
  • ​Combustible Dust: Per OSHA is defined as "a solid material composed of distinct particles or pieces, regardless of size, shape, or chemical composition, which presents a fire or deflagration hazard when suspended in air or some other oxidizing medium over a range of concentrations." Places like chemical manufacturing, woodworking facilities, metal processes, as well as recycling facilities all run the risk of dust explosion due to generated dust.
  • Piles of dust can lead to mites, mold, viruses and bacteria
  • These piles of dust can enter the ventilation and clog up HVAC systems
  • Dust creates a poor working environment, leading to airborne sickness

High Ceiling Cleaning

HI-Vac has the capabilities to take care of all your high ceiling cleaning needs. Our high ceiling cleaning machine reaches heights up to 40' and has photo and record capabilities. 

Our pole system is able to maneuver between lights, power lines, piping, etc to get to those hard to reach places. 


We removed this pile of dust off a high ceiling in a 28k square foot retail space! 

Why clean your high ceiling?

Contact us and let us quote your high ceiling cleaning needs today!