Using our powerful state of the art vacuums, Hi-Vac has developed a clean, safe, effective method of removing leaves and debris from rain gutters and downspouts. We specialize in gutter cleaning, its what we do! Its not a "extra service we provide", gutter cleaning is our main service!

Prevent damage to your property from a clogged and ineffective rain gutter system

No man lifts, no ladders, no risks

Perfect for Condominiums and Apartments up to 3 story

Pool enclosure leaf and debris removal

Hi-Vac is hiring day time gutter cleaning crews and a night shift crew working high ceiling cleaning. Please fill out and submit the Contact Us form. 

With the use of our vacuuming machines there is no need for the risk of walking on your roof or trying to lug heavy equipment up a ladder. With the ability to reach gutters as high as 40', dangerous man lifts and extension ladders are no longer needed.

Don't Take The Risk!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, work-related fatal falls, by type of fall, in 2010, nearly two-fifths involved falls from roofs or ladders. Out of 646 falls, 20% were from the ladder, 18% were from the roof.

Gutter cleaning

Why have a professional clean your gutters?

  • Avoid roof damage from clogged unkempt gutters
  • Keep out bugs! Especially mosquitoes! A bed of damp leaves just invites critters!
  • Overflowing water from clogged gutters can also damage your fascia board
  • Clogged gutters can also result in damage to the gutter brackets

Hi Sarah-- I wanted to follow up with you regarding Hi-Vac. We have a fairly large home in Carrollwood Phase III surrounded by beautiful pine trees. One of the pitfalls of the foliage are the falling pine needles clogging our gutters and covering our pool screen. I have used other gutter cleaning services in the past, but was never really satisfied with their work. I had the opportunity to have Hi-Vac Gutter & Ceiling Cleaning come out to vacuum the gutters and pool screen. To say that I was impressed is an understatement! Jeff and his assistant vacuumed the gutters--including the super gutter between the pool enclosure and house and removed all of those pesky pine needles off of the pool screen. They did a FAR better job than any other service had previously done and they were less expensive than the others! In fact, I asked Jeff to put us on his schedule for routine visits to stay ahead of the pine needles. I am glad that I ran across your post on the Nextdoor siteType your paragraph here.

-Chris Reynolds, Nextdoor.com